The Story of J&J Discount

J & J Discount officially took its current form in the early 1970’s when Mr. Jack McLean, step father of Debbie Rose, and his partner, Jim, purchased the building. Hence the name J & J Discount. After several years, Jack purchased his partner’s interest, and together with his wife Doris, Jack continued to operate J & J Discount until his death.

For several years Doris McLean continued to operate the business. It was then after much careful consideration that Kevin and Debbie Rose decided to step forward and purchase J & J Discount to continue the family business and serving the community. Prior to their decision, Kevin had been working as an electrician and Debbie as a bookkeeper.

Since the purchase of J & J Discount on September 25, 1990, Kevin and Debbie have continued to grow and improve the store through tireless dedication and a commitment to customer service that sets them apart. A few of the changes brought about by Kevin and Debbie include a greater selection of furniture and mattresses, increasing the assortment of tools and related products, and adding a lot more to apparel. As a result they now sell much more clothing, including winter jackets, gloves, hats, insulated suits, jeans and other apparel.

Kevin Rose says, “We do our best to keep our overhead low. We don’t believe in sales or gimmicks; we just keep our prices as low as we can. By doing this, our customers are assured that whether it’s this week, next week, or five weeks from now, providing our cost doesn’t go up, they are assured of paying the same low price. I tell people when they’re looking for a particular item to shop the area and compare prices, then to come here and they will see that we have truly low every day prices.”