Customer Care

At J & J Discount we stand behind our products. Our goal is to form long lasting relationships with our customers that go beyond simply business, and result in true friendships.

Our Philosophy

Kevin Rose states, “Debbie and I know most of our customers by name, and our customers like the fact that we take the time to help them. Our customers like service, they like a smile, and that willingness to help them find something rather than saying ‘it’s over there’ or ‘aisle B.’ It’s nice when I hear comments from people saying they would rather shop here than a chain store because we know their names, and appreciate their business.

“We try to give our customers the best value for their dollar. We hear comments from people all the time saying that they enjoy the ‘old-fashioned general store’ atmosphere. We are family owned and operated, and honesty and integrity are very important to us.”

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